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Prospects Partnership with Marcus Stroman and Shugo

Carolina Prospects proudly announces its official Team Apparel sponsor, Shugo, a remarkable brand that has redefined luxury with a powerful fusion of style, innovation, and personal empowerment. Rooted in the vision of pro-athlete Marcus Stroman, Shugo transcends conventional athletic gear to create a brand that speaks to your unique identity while enhancing your life journey. Their mission is simple, yet profound: to celebrate every ounce of you, your grind, and your truth. Founded by Marcus Stroman himself, Shugo was born from a desire to bridge the gap between impeccable design, structural integrity, and high-performance support, all while using premium materials built to last. Join us in embracing the rebellion that is Shugo, as we champion a new era of luxury that goes beyond the surface.

One of the original "pioneers" of showcase baseball, the Prospects Organization has had summer and fall teams for over 23 years. 

Over 1000 players through the organization have played college or professional baseball, including 35 minor league players and 6 big leaguers. Our relationships with college coaches and professional scouts are what separates our program from others. 

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Experienced and qualified coaches who teach the game of baseball at a high level. Consistent team practices and constant development year-round for our players. Playing the top competition around the country prepares our players. 

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