Charleston Baseball Academy


For lessons, training or team practice, please visit the Charleston Baseball Academy to set up your workout.

The hitting curriculum for Charleston Baseball Academy is divided into a four lesson program designed to teach the hitter the techniques of hitting, which include the stance, swing and bat control. Each session is designed for the age level, skill level and knowledge level of the individual hitter. instructors will attempt to accomplish the objectives of each lesson before moving on to the next level. the hitter will be taught a new technique, drill or skill level in each succeeding lesson. Drills to enable the hitter to master each technique will be taught and the instructor will encourage the hitter to practice these drills on his/her own time. The instructor will provide positive feedback and give frequent reports to the hitter and the parents on techniques that need to be mastered. When the sessions are completed, the instructor may or may not recommend the additional lesson packages for the hitter. This will depend upon the age, skill level of the hitter and the intentions of the individual hitter.



-Coach Finlaw